Luxe Range



Still the perfect van for solo travelling or couples wanting to travel in a light weight van, the LUXE 530 elevates the platform for the cliché of “travelling with panache”. A van where compromising is not included.





Enter the family van built with first time and experienced caravanners in mind, but understanding that small investments can have a major impact on your travelling experiences. The LUXE 600 delivers in spades and is heading rapidly to be the choice seller of the Newlands range. 




Designed with “lightweight & versatility” in mind, the LUXE 610 offers you a range of layouts to choose your lifestyle preferences. So why stop there? It allows you to have the bragging rights that you love to have in a van and yet all at an affordable price point.





The LUXE 628 will without doubt allow you to experience the felling of open space in a van fitted with all of the essentials and comforts that one desires. It truly is the benchmark for the traditional caravan for couples wanting to experience Australia in their own unique space.





The Luxe 660 was deisgned with storage and flexibility in mind based on years of customer feedback. The addition of the full height pantry and the huge wrap around club lounge make the 660 the epitome of comfort.

A large family? 4 or 5 to accommodate? A van with space? A van fitted with features and luxury that are not compromised by the number of people it has to accommodate? A sublime towing van? A van that you want to leave on your driveway to get heads turning? Look no further than a LUXE 675. Your van for [Exploring New Horizons]


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